Notably Web

The Notably Note Taker

Notably is a note taking and organizing application. It is designed to allow quick entry of notes, and organization of notes into groups called books, and by putting tags on notes. Notably stores your notes in a database. It allows linking between different notes, so you can keep track of how a new note relates to older ones. Or how an old note has been updated, outdated, put into different context, or otherwise improved by newer notes. You can create your own tags and books to keep notes organized. You can export books as HTML, thus creating snapshots of your notes that you can publish.

It looks like this:

You can get the source code for Notably, as well as a Windows installer on this site and you can look at the manual.

Future Directions

Perhaps the concept of grouping notes into books should be extended to sub-groups, like chapters and sections. Using Notably on mobile devices would make sense as well.

Mobile Platforms

As it is now, Nobtably works on Maemo emulators , although I have not packaged it. For nicer integration for smart phones, an interface to a built in camera might be nice. Similarly, access to a location interface (GPS) would be a nice feature. Taking notes with images, and keeping track of where you did that, while on the move seems like a good fit for an application like this.